Clinical Practice Guidelines

The UEMS ORL Section and Board have proposed a set of draft guidelines for various surgical procedures and these are now published on the UEMS ORL website.  The guidelines include a definition of the operative procedure, indications, and pre-operative assessment.   The operative technique used.   There is a section for patient information and informed consent and finally, outcome measures by which the procedures can be assessed.
These guidelines represent a broad overview and may provide a framework for revision by National Associations to provide guidelines appropriate for individual European Countries.
Richard Maw, M.S., F.R.C.S.
Secretary General, Section & Board of Otolaryngology

Archivo PDFAdenoidectomy-Adenoidotomy Download
Archivo PDFAnnexe Rhinological procedures Download
Archivo PDFInferior turbinectomy Download
Archivo PDFLaryngectomy Download
Archivo PDFMiddle meatal antrostomy Download
Archivo PDFMyringoplasty Download
Archivo PDFNasal polypectomy Download
Archivo PDFParotidectomy Download
Archivo PDFSeptoplasty Download
Archivo PDFTonsillectomy Download
Archivo PDFVentilation tube insertion Download

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