N: 35  -  31/01/2012
First International Sialendoscopy Conference
Dear UEMS Colleague and Friend,

I would like to wish you the very best for 2012!

We will have the first International sialendoscopy conference (FISC) - Geneva march 24-25th (Saturday-Sunday).

A very large faculty from all continents is honouring us with their presence.


We are happy to have already registrations from 35 countries.

I would like to invite you personally to attend the FISC conference, and will be happy to offer you the registration, which includes lunches and coffee breaks.

Some members of your National Society might be interested to develop this technique.

Do you think there would be a possibility for these attached documents to be sent to each of your society members?

Thanks in advance. If there would be any costs linked to this action, please let me know.

This conference will be preceded (different location in town) by the 3rd ESGS congress – Geneva march 22-23 (see attached banners)

Hope seeing you soon!

Kind regards,



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