N: 28  -  11/09/2011
European courses in specialist training in ENT-HNS
To the national representatives in the UEMS ENT Section

Dear colleagues,

I have been asked by Karl and Chris to introduce the topic in the meeting.

Several specialties among others radiotherapy and oncology have European training programmes for specialist training, which are regularly held at various European locations. More information you find under http://www.estro.org/Pages/default.aspx

Since harmonization of the education on the European level is one of the main tasks of the UEMS, this topic has been put on the agenda of the meeting. In order to have a productive presentation and discussion I’ m happy to collate the information you send concerning the following questions:

1. What is the duration of the specialist training in ENT in your country?

2. What kind of theoretical education is required?

3. Which text book / text books are obligatory?

4. How much theoretical education is required in the specialisation e.g. in hours or study weeks (which include 20 hours of theoretical education and 20 hours of individual studies)

5. Do you arrange educational courses for the residents on a national level? If yes which;

- Name the courses and indicate the duration e.g in days.

- Do you have an exam at the end of the course?

6. Are the above mentioned courses obligatory or voluntary?

7. Do you have obligatory administrative education for the residents, if yes how many hours or study weeks?

8. Do you have a national exam at the end of the training? If yes, is it obligatory or voluntary?

9. If the European ENT organizations would provide specially planned courses for specialist training in ENT-HNS on a European level, which would take place in your country or in a neighbouring country for reasonable costs, would this be of interest to the training institutions / trainers and or the residents of your country?

10. What would be a reasonable cost for such a course with a 2-3 days duration (see enclosed example).

In order to organize your answers and prepare the presentation I hope to get from each country comments by Friday 23 September. Please send your answers to me Reidar.Grenman@tyks.fi with copy to Maria de la Mota mmota@orluems.com

With best regards

Reidar Grénman

Professor and Chairmen

Confederation of European ORL-HNS, President

ORL UEMS Section