N: 13  -  14/09/2010
Questionnaire for Malta. Main topic Bologna process.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bologna_process http://www.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=.OODE2007&n=48914

Dear friends,

Enclosed we are sending you some information about the Bologna process which will be our main topic for our Annual Meeting in Malta.

Since this meeting is going to be in only 3 weeks time, we do need your answer asap (as soon as possible) in order to prepare the issue for the meeting.

Therefore I would like to have your answers to the following questions related to your country:

1. In what progress is the Bologna process in your country ?
- In general ?
- In Medicine

2. Do Universities or other institutions in your country offer
-graduate consecutive Bachelor/Master in Medicine ?
-postgraduate non consecutive Bachelor/Master related to any other qualification in medicine in your country as MD,FRCS,Dr.med., Specialist in ORL (Board qulified/licensed by the Ministery of Health/Education etc)

3. What is the estimate cost for the Candidate per year/Bachelor/Master ?

4. What is your personal opinion about the Bologna process in general/in Medicine ?

5. Is ECTS a useful tool to improve free movement of students in Europe ?

Enclosed you can also find the Bologna booklet which is of interest regarding the Malta topic (where it says ´descargar archivo´). I would like to ask you to visit the links enclosed at the top of this mail before getting to the Malta meeting in order to improve your knowledge about the Bologna process.

Thanks for your cooperation and we are looking forward to have your answers very soon.

Best regards to you all.

Karl Hörmann

David Proops
General Secretary
Descargar archivo

ORL UEMS Section