N: 7  -  18/05/2010
Examiners for the EBEORL-HNS exam
Dear all,
As you are aware, the first oral exam for the European Board in ORL will be held in Vienna on the 1st September. For this exam, we need to know how many examiners will be able to attend and participate.
On the 5th June (Saturday) in the afternoon, a training session for examiners will be held in Pamplona (just after the written exam that will take place that morning, and before the starting of the ESPO Congress). This training session aims to standarised the questions and methodology for the Vienna exam and it is important that those willing to examine in Vienna (or future EBEORL-HNS exams) attend this training session.
Those of you with a large experience as examiners and who feel not necessary to attend Pamplona for the training can send the C.V. specifying the personal experience as examiners in similar exams. Once the C.V. is evaluated by the Board and found to be satisfactory, you could attend Vienna as examiners attending only the PRE-EXAM harmonisation session (aprox. 3 hours) that will be held the afternoon before the exam (in this case on the 31st August) with ALL examiners.
Please, do let me know who will be attending the training course in Pamplona and who will be able to participate as examiner in Vienna.
Those willing to go for the PRE-EXAM harmonisation session, please send me your C.V. and I will forward it to the Board.
Best regards.

ORL UEMS Section